6 Perfect keeping tips for traveling with jewelry

Do you travel somewhere hot for the fun of the sun this winter? Or maybe snowy slopes call your name. Regardless of your destination, the jewelry you bring may be the most valuable item you pack, so you need to pay more attention to your travel planning.

first First, decide which jewelry you will actually carry at your destination. That special four-ring ring that you carry on special events? Probably not. An entertaining cultured pearl yellow that goes with just about every dress … of course.

2nd Make a list of the jewelery you are using. Bring a copy with you, save it separately from the jewelery bag and leave a copy at home. Some insurance companies even suggest photographing your jewelry or recording your special items on your video camera.

3rd If you go, pack the jewelery in the carrying bag, never checked in luggage where it will be a terrific temptation for security windows. Or, wear jewelry on the day of travel, provided that they are not large enough to be able to launch safety gear. For added security, slide the pendant inside the shirt or sweater that you wear or rotate the ring so that only the plain bar shows. If you travel by train or car, put the jewelery in a bag that you carry personally in restaurants, resorts or apartments. And keep it with you at all times. Do not leave jewelry in the car or the case without supervision. Also, do not let hotel staff handle your bag … and potentially help with your bling.

5. In your apartment or resort, store jewelry in your room safe when you do not wear it.

6th Make sure your jewelry is properly secured and your insurance policy covers wherever you travel.

A lost diamond or gemstone can really put a silencer on your many anticipated breaks. Keep in mind that while you are on a winter break, your precious things are safe and sound. Happy Trips!

Source by Jessica VandenHouten