Why not just travel?

Travel is a fun activity. We all love traveling. We travel to various places to get away from our fast and busy lives. Everyone is tired of everyday monotone life. We all travel to enjoy and refresh ourselves. Travel is important to everyone. It helps to reduce tension and makes people happy. People get new experiences and knowledge from traveling. Some people like to travel to the group while others like to travel alone. Traveling in the group gives us a sense of security and safety. Travel alone gives a sense of freedom.

Mostly we do not encounter a problem when we are in urban areas. The problem begins as we move from the route. No one can predict when a problem arises. Comes when he wants to. Problems can differ from places we go. The journey is uncertain whether it may or may not arise during the journey. It is therefore better to take precautionary measures before traveling. We should always travel with family, friends, colleagues, etc. We may not find a travel partner for any trip. If traveling with a travel partner is not possible, it is better to travel with a guide or search for any other travel writer.

Travel alone can create different problems such as:

1. We can attack wild animals when we travel alone by dense forests. If we travel with a group or with a travel partner, there is less chance of attacking us. In case they attack us, help will help us. But if we travel alone, no one will be there for help. That's why it's better to travel with a passenger companion.

2nd We can have serious health problems such as acute mountain illness, HACE, HAPE, etc. When we travel to high altitude (when we go for trekking and hiking).

3rd Serious injury can lead to death.

4th We may be stuck in some dangerous problems.

5. We can lose our way.

6th In some places of local rebellion we can kidnap as captives,

7. We can get robbed, etc.

8. Hospitals may not be available in off-routes, and smaller health problems can become fatal. If nobody cares.

The movie 127 hours (based on the true story of Aaron Lee Ralston) directed by Danny Boyle also insists the traveler not to travel alone. Aron is a survivor of an accident on the canyons. He entered a crack in Southeast Utah. His hand was stuck in the rock. Then he tried to pull out his right hand but could not. With a twin knife, he cut off his right forearm to release him from the rock. He was captured there for five days and seven o'clock. He should not cut his forearm if he went on a journey with another. So, we always need to inform our family member and friends on their way. We always need a passenger partner. It's an inspirational real story. Everyone should look after him.

Never ever travel alone.

Source by Ram Gautam