Are Individual Holidays Good Ideas?

As one person and passionate world traveler with a website dedicated to gathering unique travelers, I was thinking about the destinations for solo travelers tomorrow.

Many younger single travelers consider it easy to travel alone. They often go around Asia and / or Australia, stay in the hostel and meet the crowd of new friends. Sometimes lifelong friends who can spend some time traveling, learning from them and maybe learning some tricks to run.

But what about an older traveler? Someone who is a lifelong or widow and wants to meet some new friends or just share some time? Where did they go? I know there are a handful of travel companies dealing with one-time travelers, but are there some destinations or hotels focused on solo travelers? Well, I think there are a few, but not too much, which I bet and wonder why the tourism industry is not just for travelers.

The journey itself is becoming more popular today. Even couples sometimes travel alone to different destinations and seek a travel partner. Three of the usual destinations for independent travelers have Thailand, Australia and New Zealand, all offering ease and security of the journey itself and the benefits of meeting with many other travelers who are exactly the same. Accommodation is often inexpensive and you can pick up some cash in your hand to pay for the trip. However, you need to consider more preparation if you are traveling to places like South America and Africa where traveling alone can be dangerous if you are not street. This is when finding solo travelers for a journey becomes important. They will offer companionship, knowledge and security.

I believe that in the next few years we will see more and more destinations in countries that are less friends to friends, they produce many hotels and holiday resorts to stimulate tourism in their country.

These hotels will be closed for couples and families and provide a chance to meet with the other individually in the security area. I do not think it's going to be a departure destination, as I think it might be uncomfortable. I think it will offer activities that talk about self-employed travelers who help build self-confidence, provide fun and friendship, and if something happens – and that's a bonus.

Source by Simon Hamilton