Travel Tips – Packing light for a caring ride

Tips for travel in travel books and travel often advise travelers to "pack light". In my experience, these travel information sources do not go far enough. If you are a budget traveler, you probably will not rely on hotel gatekeepers, taxi drivers or other paying people to withdraw your luggage. You will probably pull it yourself – through the airports, through the subway systems, on and off the buses and airports, and through the city streets.

It can not be overwhelmed that it carries too much weight can be the difference between the fantastic, exciting travel experience and exhausting you can not wait to end. If your luggage is tough, you think you'll think that you can not bear to pull your luggage off another street, but it will be on the sights and sounds of that exotic place. A year-long trip to Europe, primarily by plane, train, bus, subway system and on foot, has taught me a few things. Lighten your luggage, it's easier for your heart.

Travel light does not mean lifting traditional luggage. The same suitcases give extra weight, and the cases are heavy to carry. I think it holds a big subject with a hand, and the weight that comes up from the end of my arm is the fastest way to the shoulders and back pain. The traveling light also does not mean pulling a suitcase with small wheels at the bottom. Spend a few minutes watching the tourists trying to keep control of this unstable carton while they swing and jump to one side and see what I mean.

The traveling light does not mean it is too big, it has a backpack. Unless you plan to make some serious mountain hiking and camping in the rough, where you will have zero access to stores, forget your overloaded backpack. Why buy a heavy backpack through the wilds in London when there are shops on every corner where you can steal for everything you need?

So what should the budget travelers wear and how to handle them? My advice is to wear a small backpack day after day. This can be done if you think before you are tied up and if you make the logical decisions about what you really can and can not live without you you absolutely have to transfer to your destination in relation to what you can easily pick up after you arrive

For example If you regularly use prescription drugs, you obviously have to carry the proper supply with you. Wear and spare and hold it on yourself so you do not need panic if your crab gets a thief. Be sure to wear the prescription yourself so that you can prove that you really carry prescription drugs if you stop them from customs or security staff. It is even better if you have a prescription that carries not only a commercial name but also its chemical name, if you need to show it to a pharmacist, doctor or customs service in a country where your tongue is not

If you are traveling to a hot tropical location, wear a bottle of sunscreen – but buy a bottle that contains the amount you expect to need during your trip. Do not be burdened with a jumbo-sized container, of which two-thirds will be with you on return. As a rule for any kind of toiletries, carry (or buy on arrival) small tubes, bottles and boxes that only contain enough for travel. Do not pull around the weight you will ultimately pull back with you or you will only have a bottle of sunscreen that can boast your neighbors on the Tahitian shelf shelf.

If two people travel together, whether they are part of a family or friends who share an adventure of life, take only one set of toilet items between you. Of course, wear separate toothbrushes, but pack only one of the items like deodorant and soap, then divide them. Half of your weight will be removed simply not both wearing duplicate types of items and, believe me, such facilities really contribute to the bulk and weight of your luggage.

Ask if you can live without additives such as cosmetics, perfumes and jewelry. Their combined weight and weight can be summed up quickly. Try to look more natural during your trip. This will save you daily time, as well as save you daily stress on the muscles of your arms and back. As an extra bonus, less elegant and stylish, less likely you will be a target of mugger.

Forget about electrical appliances and electronic devices. You can live without a hair dryer or electric shaver, and not only save on the weight of these appliances, but also with an extra load of adapters that match foreign outlets and electrical currents. But instead, wear a lightweight compact plastic shaver or simply let the beard grow. Later you can decide to suit you and decide to keep it! If you plan to fly, do not bother with scraper blades or manicure scissors. They are not allowed on airplanes at all, so they need to be purchased locally, if necessary, and then properly disposed of before you go home. It's always practical to wear a small sewing repair tool in an emergency, but that does not mean a full set of colors in the form of threads. This means one needle plus one small sticks of pale threads and one of the dark threads in a small bag.

Keep your clothes up to the absolute minimum. Keep one of the basic clothes that is comfortable, casual, and not easily wrinkled. Add it with a few extra light tips and a couple of socks and underwear that can be washed repeatedly in hotel rooms. One sweatshirt or a lipstick and cold rain showers, and you need to set it up.

By sticking to a small backpack per person, there are additional benefits you will soon appreciate. At the airport, never check the bags and risk losing them, you do not need to infinitely charge and unload the trolleys at airports or stations and count your bags to make sure nobody is tired, all at hand and easily accessible. By wearing only one backpack, you will also look less like rich tourists and so you will less likely be directed to a pocketbook or purse while traveling around the city streets and in the subway system. Travel light and you can lessen the muscles, leaving you more energy and greater appetite to truly experience the miraculous places you are visiting. Travel light, and you will be a happier way.

Source by Barbara Freedman-De Vito