Travel Guide to Sagata

I've always wanted to go to Baguio from class, but my mom would not allow me because of the historic earthquake that occurred there when I was in my mother's womb. The earthquake occurred when my mom was traveling back to Manila from Baguio. And now I'm 26, I have not been there yet.

Craving for a cold place at the top of the mountain, my friend invited me to have an adventure. Not in Baguio, but in Sagrada. One of the coolest places in the country. A place of peace and relaxation. This is a place to escape the city and reality. And from the famous movie "This is what is called Tadhan", this is where the broken hearts are.

The trip to Sagad is good for family, friends, couple or even soloists. Though only selected places are recommended for seniors and kiddies, of course, make sure you have a comfortable ride back and forth because it will be long. So, to all those who are challenged to go there, here are my experiences in the places where we were and the foods we ate. TRANSPO

My friends and I entered the Coda Bus line at Cubao for the P700 in one way – routing from Cubao to Sagada Town Proper. Be sure to buy tickets in advance as the bus is always full. The Queue Bus Line is located at HM Transport Terminal, Maryland corner EDSA. The journey time is 10-12 hours so I really recommend this bus that has vacation places and good music and movies. You'll thank me after I've experienced it. The bus went to Cubao at 21:00 on Friday, February 10, 2017. After 5 o'clock we arrived at Baguio City at 2:00. Since then, we had two destinations until we arrived at the Sagade right at 7:00 am. On the way home we also took the Coda Bus Line for the P700 in one way. I suggest you buy a roundtrip ticket in advance. From the true Sagada, look for jeepney departure to Bontoc by Coda Bus Line because the bus terminal that returns to Manila is located in Bontocu. No additional payment is required in the jeep because it is included in the bus payment. Riding their bait is one of the fun parts in the Sagadi. If you are one of the adventurous people, make sure you sit at the top of the jeep. Yes, you read that right! Sit on the jeep beside the bag of passengers. Most people who did this were men, but some ladies are brave enough to try. I always thought this was scary because you would see the cliff above it. But if you focus on the landscape, thank God for a miraculous look. This is like a postcard revived. Another good thing about this bussy is to have somewhere with a nil visibility to buy vegetables and other delicacies, and another stop at the Banawe Rice terraces for taking photos.

We stayed at the Misty Lodge Hotel and Cafe – 2 miles from the city. It might seem far, but we did not regret what we stayed there. The hotel is very comfortable and serves the best food in town. Upon entering the house, you will see a beautifully landscaped Kafić with chimney on the side. They have one room on the ground floor, four on the second floor and five on the attic. Rooms are good for soloists in a group of four people per room. Since we are a group of eight, consisting of four boys and four girls, we were looking for two rooms in the same place. Fortunately, the available rooms are on the attic, facing each other. The four-person room has 2 beds with side table and closet. Their second floor has a living area with a deck of books that you can use for your leisure time, and the attic has a hangout space in the center of the peeps room that want to play board games. The house is full of books and games that guests can use for fun. The hotel is highly recommended even though they have a shared bathroom. They have only two large bathrooms for the whole house so you can wake up early as you expect to avoid the line. Another good thing in this hotel is that, at night, they did not turn off the lights. You must also note that all lights, even street lights, are switched off at 22:00.

I know some people who stayed at the Rock Inn Hotel. It's also a nice hotel, but away from town than at Misty Lodge. And another in the Residential Lodge. The residential lodge is already in the city so you do not have to worry about long walks on a very cold street after activity or after a meal. But since in the city, there are light chokes, excluding the lights at 22 o'clock, including the lights in the room. So you can do nothing except 22 hours except sleep. There are many activities in Sagada, although most of them require hiking.


So if you are traveling with the elderly or children, just choose the one that's safe for them and definitely hire a travel guide. Here are some activities my friends and I went.

Mt. Kiltepan

We arrived at 7:00 AM in the town of Sagada and had breakfast at Misty Lodge Café because we also need to sign up. Unfortunately, we can not have an early login, so we decided to leave our bags at the reception and go to Mt. Kiltepan. From Misty Lodge, 2km walk to the entrance to Mt. Kiltepan and 20-30mins walk to the top and you can go there even without a guide. That is a safe place; just be careful when standing on a cliff. You can also take your car or rent a jeepney to go to the top. This mountain appeared in the film "To Thing Called Tadhana," where the main actress released her feelings by screaming. Although they went to the movie to wait for the sun to go out while we were in the 10th and the look is still incredible! The bistro look at the proud Filipino made Rajas teras. I guess no other group has ever thought to go there, unless it's sunrise, we have a place for ourselves. We took a lot of great pictures without hesitation. But if you want to see the clouds, you have to go up there at 4:30 and wait for the sunrise. I'll tell you, that's totally worth it.

Echo Valley Tour -> Hanging Coffins – Underground River -> Bokong Falls

On our second day we decided to rent a guide for the Echo Valley Tour for the P500 for a group of 10 people. This tour consists of many routes, depending on your last destination and here is ours. First, we went to the church and the cemetery where we listened to the history of the place and their traditions. Then we went to the Echo Valley, where you will, if you shout, hear how it sounds. It's great! Then we went down to hanging coffins. It is not scary, somewhat confusing, especially those in the middle of rocky mountains. How did they manage to bring everything and push it into a mini cave? Still, we were disturbed as we reached the underground river where we had to run the torch to see where we were going. You have to be careful inside, because some of the stones are so low that you can hit your head. When you reach the end of the river, that means you have reached Bokong Falls. It's just a small drop, but that's nice. There we enjoyed our lunch and swimming there. After that, we went to another route leading to the city. It took almost 4 hours on this tour, but we enjoyed it.

Sunset on Lake Danum

The feeling of the pump, after the Echo Valley tour, we have a few grilled snacks and hotdogs, and then we rented a shuttle to the P600 to drive us to Lake Danum. A lot of tourists went there to the sunset. Unfortunately, the sun was covered with clouds so we did not really see it. But still, it's a nice spot for picnics. I also recommend buying your instant coffee (Organo Gold) or yogurt while waiting for the sunset. That's really delicious.

Marlboro Hills

Since we've already gone to Mt. Chip, we decided to climb up to Marlboro Hill to see the clouds. We started hiking at 4:00 am on Sunday as the sky jumped. We walked for 1 hour and 30 minutes and became colder and colder. It's more than Mt. It is not recommended if the rains due to the ground get muddier. There is zero visibility here and make sure you're wearing a jacket.

It's all our activities during our stay in the Sagad. We also have another trip to Bomod-OK Falls, but canceled because of their current ritual that day. Additionally, try to go to Sumaging Cave, Blue Soil, Lumiang Cave, Ganduyan Museum, Pongas Falls, and the famous Terraces of Sagade Rice. [19598] for something that will replace your burned calories after activity, Sagada has loads of restaurants you will not forget. From all the places I've been to, Sagada is the only place where all the food they serve has vegetables. You do not have to look for it, it's already given. Not only that, their vegetables are fresh and tasty. Their dishes are delicious and cheesy pizza and sweet burgers are the ones you should not let go. Of course, do not forget to try their famous creamy yogurt. This is their specialty because of their cream and freshness of fruity fruit in it. I recommend trying to eat at Misty Lodge Café, Sagada Brew, Salt & Pepper and Gaia Café. These are some of which we were and it is necessary! Especially Gaia Café, this place has views over Banawe Rice terrace and is best for coffee and pastries. Also, it is better to try your local food that you can buy on streets like wheat pie with chocolate, dirty ice cream with Hershey syrup and yogurt. PASALUBONG (SOUVENIRS) I wonder where to buy souvenirs for your loved ones? Well, you do not have to be far away because the town is a small place and has a lot of souvenir shops. I suggest you cook your red wine. HAHA I'm just joking! One sells one of the best wines, and my favorite Charlina Bugnay black wine I bought just for the P150-P160 per bottle, depends on where you shop. In addition, I also bought a package of mountain leaves for P10 and Kurkum tea for the P150, which is very good in cleansing the body. [4: 4] For 4 days we really enjoyed that and there I'm pretty sure I'll be back there. If you are a soloist looking for a place to escape or somewhere to relax, this is a great place for you. Or maybe you are a couple or friends or a family that is an adventure, do not forget to bring an A-game! Also, do not forget to bring moisture and sunblock. Although cold, the heat of the sun is strong enough to burn the skin. Indeed, Sagada is one of the kind! So when you're there, take a moment!

Source by Myka Ruby Belotindos