Prevent theft during travel

Unfortunately, it is very common for tourists to become victims of theft by unscrupulous merchants and street vendors as well as pockets and thieves. This is especially common when a tourist is in a country where he or she does not speak a language or does not understand the culture or dangers that may be lurking. Here are some tips to avoid fraud while traveling.

first Do not carry large amounts of money. Instead, use your backlinks checkout and follow the checks you are doing in a separate place away from the checks itself.

2nd Only bring credit cards that you intend to use. Leave the rest at home. You have a clear idea of ​​what your credit limit is and do not risk making it over, because some countries may be burdened with fraud if you try to overcome your credit limit, even if it's just an accident.

3rd Photocopy your passport, airline tickets and credit cards, and hold a photocopy in a safe and separate place.

4th Stay away from the stock market in the black market. Prices may be better than legitimate places, but often end up with fake money or otherwise change. Banks offer better rates than hotels and airports so it would be better to find a bank when you need to swap money.

5. Do not carry your money in your purse. Keep it in your pocket instead, or in a cashmere or other hidden and safe place. So, if your purse is stolen or left behind, you will still have money on you.

6th Never leave your bag unguarded. One thing, it's against air carrier regulations, but it's just a common sense.

7th Always be aware of your environment and what is happening around you. Do not dream or bother. Stay focused and alert.

Source by Amy W. Cates