Travel with your pet

I've always had pets in the house. We had many of them grew up, and my kids had pets all their lives. When we lost a dog a few years ago we decided we had animals because we wanted to use it to be superstitious and start traveling more. We enjoyed our freedom … but today you do not have to worry about what to do with your pets when you go somewhere, whether for business or pleasure. Just take them with you!

So many places are now thrilled to accommodate you and your pet. Hotels have dog grooms at the waiting room, small dogs and swords can be in the cabin with you when you fly. Leaving the house yourself is no longer your only choice.

My daughter's best friend is a 40 lb puppy named Koopa. The two are inseparable and I can not imagine that they have to be separated for more than a day. Fortunately, when my daughter is traveling, the dog goes too far. I also have a friend refusing to go anywhere, because she can not tolerate thinking about leaving pets. I could not convince her that she did not have to, but I will continue to work on it!

Hotel chains such as Marriott, Hilton, Holiday Inn, La Quinta, Motel 6 and a whole bunch more welcome to your pet. Some require a deposit and a reservation. When making reservations, be sure to ask them about your specific requirements, as each hotel is somewhat different.

* Leash, collar and badge ID
* A few things that are essential to make your pet comfortable for your journey …. [Spend a little more than a lifetime]
* Tank and Collar
* Appearances, medical records and contact information for your local veterinarian, 39, will remain
* Current photo in case of missing your pet

* Belly-aids
* Favorite bedding and toys [Ifyourpetiscomfortablethenyouwillberelaxedandyouwillenjoyyourtripmore

For more information on traveling with a pet, go to my web site where I have links to more information …..

Happy trip!

Source by AJ Harmon