Filipino travel trips – recommended destinations for solo travelers

Travel, for most people, is social activity. We travel with family and friends. We travel with colleagues from the office, or even with acquaintances with whom we have the same interests. However, there is a time when no one in our circle shares the thirst for traveling. In such cases we can travel alone or not travel at all. For the real road fault, the other is not an option.

Many people travel alone for this reason. Rather than enduring a society of foreigners in groups of tourists, for example, solo travelers love to work alone, love freedom of decision making and change them, go to the place and go early or late, especially by getting to know and talk to people they would not normally address if you were not alone. The Philippines are friendly to solo travelers. The Philippines are one of the places that welcome and generally hospitable to lonely travelers. There are many destinations in the country that favor independent trips, maximizing the traveler's experience of different cultures. The locals are mostly kind to strangers, and there are many artificial and natural attractions that are usually not visited by tourists.

Below are some of the ideal solo destinations from every major island in the Philippines, from Luzon to Visayas and even to Mindanao. Visit the ancient churches and eat local delicacies in Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur.

Located in northern Luzon, these two provinces are suitable for travelers who, after enchanting views of the ocean, old churches, world heritage and magnificent natural sights. Its offer of tasty vegetable dishes such as pinakbet, local delicacies such as bagnet and the famous empanadang Vigan is also a favorite destination for food lovers.

Depending on the schedule, these two provinces can be combined on a single trip since they are only 2.5 hours away from each other by public transport. The fastest way is to get a plane from Manila to Laoag. From there there is an easily accessible 45 meter bell tower. Nearby is also the church of St. The villa was built in the Spanish period, one of the largest churches in the Philippines.

Vigan, the capital city of Ilocos Sura, is easily accessible from Laoag. It is known for Calle Crisologo (Crisologo Street), a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Calle Crisologo is a half-mile street with houses that depict architecture dating to the period of Spanish colonization. There are also numerous souvenir shops with local craftsmanship. For a more enjoyable experience, stroll along the street or hire a kalesa, a horse wagon, to get to the city. Take the longest bridge in the Philippines at Leyte

Leyte in the eastern Visayas boasts historic sites, artificial buildings and natural resources that will surely interest a solo traveler. The locals are used to tour backpackers in your province, and if you stop, be prepared to ask any questions.

One of the possibilities to cover more soil is to join an organized group tour called Icot Icot (Go around). Its itinerary includes stopping in the provincial Capitol, the Leyte Park Hotel, Madonna Cemetery, Sto. Nino Church and Shrine, a monument to MacArthur, as well as the city center.

San Juanico Bridge – at 2.16 km, the longest bridge in the Philippines – is also included in the itinerary. It connects the Leyte provinces (via Taclobana) and Samar (side Sta Rita). On both sides there is a promenade where you can surely enjoy unparalleled views of island life. [2] Also a destination for food, Leyte offers a wide range of local delicacies such as binagol, chocolate idiot, cakes and Carigarine pastilles, to international dishes.

Travels Solo in the Philippines

These are just some of the tourist destinations for solo travelers to the Philippines. Apart from being easily accessible to Manila or Cebu City, there are a variety of accommodation options for catering and a luxury traveler and an uppermost backpacker. Development has also affected these places; you can easily find ATMs, international fast food chains and WIFI areas at these destinations.

Although not all aspects of solo travel are attractive, it would be good to share your reactions with another person, for example, or share driving or accommodation fees with someone else – the benefits of leaving often often prevail for those who like to work.

The solo journey promotes independence, provides a flexible travel schedule and gives the opportunity to meet. Since you are going to a strange new destination, you have no other person to rely on yourself, and sometimes you yourself discover that you are stronger than you think you are.

Source by Aleah Taboclaon